I work composing, performing and teaching music. This includes recording, programming, transcription, arranging, teaching guitar and workshops, and playing with ensembles at clubs or for events.



I provide composition and sound design solutions as well as producer support for songwriters, film, web, and all other media. I also work as a session guitarist and percussionist on other artist’s recordings.



I teach at and manage the music lesson program at Folkway Music in Guelph, Ontario. My interests as a guitarist lie increasingly at the intersection of folk, jazz, rock and classical.



I play solo guitar for concerts, weddings and special events. My repertoire includes music from the pop, jazz, folk and classical idioms. In addition to solo guitar music, I play with numerous bands.


Nicholas Russell

Nick is the type of person who likes to have his hands in many different cookie jars; notably, that of the guitarist, composer, music producer and stringed instrument maker. He works professionally somewhere within the crossroads of these disciplines.

Nick holds an Honours Degree in Music and comprehensively studied classical harmony privately. He has also studied the art of guitar-making with Master Luthier Sergei De Jonge, having designed and constructed a concert classical guitar under his tutelage.

His musical style and knowledge spans genres, but his current exploration as a guitarist lie at the intersection of finger-style, jazz, folk, blues and classical music – with a healthy respect for groove and making the notes count.

In recent years Nick has expanded his freelancing to include work as a composer (Dusk Dances Dance Festival, Arts Bournemouth University) and as a studio musician (Metalworks Studios, Escarpment Sound, Deschamps Studio). Numerous projects he has worked on have aired on national radio (CBC, Jazz FM, CFRU).

Nick has made a commendable reputation as a guitar teacher at Folkway Music in Guelph and Waterloo, Ontario, where he manages the lesson program. Nick keeps busy with gigs, teaching, and composition contracts.