On a daily basis I work composing, performing and teaching music. This includes recording, programming, transcription, arranging, teaching guitar and workshops, and playing with ensembles at clubs or for events. 


I provide composition and sound design solutions as well as producer support for songwriters, film, web, and all other media. I also work as a session guitarist and percussionist on other artist’s recordings.


I teach at and manage the music lesson program at Folkway Music in Guelph, Ontario. My interests as a guitarist lie increasingly at the intersection of folk, jazz and classical.


I play solo guitar for concerts, weddings and special events. My repertoire includes music from the pop, jazz, folk and classical idioms. In addition to solo guitar music, I play with numerous bands.




Nicholas Russell


I started playing guitar when I was 11, inspired by many of the popular bands of the 1990’s.

When I was 12 my family decided to move to an off-the-grid cabin outside of Haliburton, Ontario. Throughout my youth I played music with friends, writing and performing with various ensembles in the rock and jazz idioms – some of these musical friendships that were fostered are still in play.

I attended University of Guelph – first for theatre and then to finish with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Music. Here I studied guitar with Dr. Howard Spring and Dr. Andrew Scott, the latter who went on to teach at Humber College. At first (I think because of my newfound re-discovery of electricity) I was immediately drawn to computers, synthesizers and anything that could be created from these devices. I spent many years learning digital recording technology and finished university with an honours thesis titled The Implications of Interactive Music in 3D Virtual Environments.

Around this time I started studying privately with composer Robert Mundinger in Toronto, who was aiming to help me develop my understanding of classical composition and harmony through ear training exercises and analysis. This went on for a few years, amidst periods of travel to Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

In 2011 I began teaching guitar at Folkway Music in Guelph, Ontario. Being around such fine instruments and deeply knowledgeable technicians, my eyes were opened to the complex world of acoustic guitar music and lutherie. I now manage the lesson program at Folkway Music and administer a staff of excellent musicians.

I strive to foster the most complete understanding of music on the guitar as possible. This I see as incorporating elements of history, sociology, philosophy and physics, as well as guitar construction and maintenance. My interests and exploration as a guitarist lies increasingly at the intersection of folk, jazz and classical music and my solo repertoire reflects this confluence.

I have worked as a composer, studio musician, educator and performing artist and have collaborated with dance troupes, video game companies, stage productions, film and television companies, as well as numerous professional bands.

Recently, I have been working at my home writing music on a freelance basis, doing external studio work, playing in various ensembles and also playing solo guitar. I live along with my lovely wife Stephanie and one very big dog (…and a small cat) in Guelph, ON.